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Aim of the workshop

VARiability for You is intended to be a workshop to discuss how variability modeling can be made most useful for everyone in the modeling community. The workshop will influence the ongoing standardization efforts within OMG to establish a Common Variability Language, where the organizers of this workshop are also participating in the consolidated submission team. Furthermore, we want the workshop to improve the awareness of product line modeling and to show example of said modeling.

Although the workshop may have direct impact on the ongoing standardization of a Common Variability Language it is by no means limited to opinions and contributions that are conformant with the ongoing standardization process. Neither is there any requirement that the contributions have any knowledge of or reference to the ongoing CVL work.

Product Lines are everywhere. It is very seldom that a product is one of its kind and that the product has been developed all by itself with no thoughts about alternative customers or alternative variants. In fact adaptability and variance are becoming one of the main issues of development. It is becoming increasingly important that new products build on the experience of older products and that the solutions are useful for a number of different clients and situations. Still the current methods and languages are not fully up to the task. This workshop is intended to improve the awareness of constructs, methods and techniques that will make product line modeling more effective.